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Challenges getting Ubuntu Hardy to run on i915Gmm-HFS

This board gave me a lot of troubles with hardware (cooling, noise). I finally gave up getting a decent picture from TV-out and got a 1-1 pixelmapping LCD TV, and planed to use it with Ubuntu 8.04 for HTPC. But the troubles did not end. Below is a list of problems and my progress solving them. If you know the solutions, please comment.

As long as you don't mix SATA and IDE and only try to boot from SATA 1 Hardy will install nicely on this board - even from external USB DVD drive.


Stuff working



The BIOS has 4 modes for using (S)ATA drives: (Auto,Combined,Enhanced,SATA-only).

For some reason I can install, but not boot in Enhanced mode. I have to change to SATA to let GRUB boot Hardy. This is strange because [This] guid to installing Debian Sarge recommends changing to Enhanced mode to boot the final system. When I try that it seem the BIOS won't detect the boot device.

ACPI Poweroff

The board won't shut down via ACPI. Reports say that ACPI poweroff has been fixed, but apparently not with the Hardy 2.6.24 kernel. Adding "nolapic" to kernel options makes the system unbootable.

Using the APM via GRUB hack described on the main page works.


Does not work. Haven't tried much though. Only tried and seen it stop the hibernation process to return to normal running state. Maybe it's because of a legacy driver for the Bt878 card I temporarily added.

XvMC? accelration

I had waited for Hardy to do this, but unfortunately it seem only to have been merged into the xserver-xorg-video-intel package for Intrepid (Ubuntu 8.10)

X resolution

The TV is 1360x768 (via HDMI2) and Hardy can detect that. Unfortunately it won't use it for the GDM screen - only after user login. Oh well... a small problem


I had this working with Gusty using the mentioned "model=6stack-digout". It would loose the connection after a while though.

However, with Hardy new problems have emerged. There seem to be a [bug] in the new sound-server for Hardy (pulseaudio) which prevents you from using SPDIF.

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