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How to install PCIx graphics card.

This is not strictly a linux issue, but generic issue. I read in the manual that when installing PCIe x16, some jumpers need to be removed. Initially I did not do this, but the geforce worked none the less.

The manual says to remove JP92, JP88, JP91, JP83. However, when I do this, the jumpers fall apart: I end up with mainly the plastic body of the jumper, with most of the metalic bridges still in place, causing a mess on the motherboard.

After cleaning up, I noticed that it actually a sort of enable switch for the onboard DVI, and I suspect for the onboard HDTV as well.

[edit] by Kennung Eins:
When I inserted my GF6200TC into the PCIe Slot, I also did not change the jumpers and everything worked. But I noticed (with the help of RivaTuner) that the videocard was running only in 32-bit mode (the memory interface, not the colors) while the card has a 128-bit memory interface. So I was wondering why it is only 32-bit and then I remembered the jumpers. When I removed the jumpers I again had a look in RivaTuner and now it recognized the 128-bit memory interface correctly. So probably the jumpers are not only for onboard DVI/HDTV but for the memory link to the northbridge as well.

Question from Daniel Siboska
Does this mean that it is possible to use both the onboard graphic chip and an external PCI Express card at the same time (though maybe with a performance penalty)? (eg. for multiseat setup)
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