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How to install Debian sarge

Trying to install Debian 3.1r0 (sarge) can be a bit tricky. For sure you will want to use "enhanced mode" as bios setting for the ATA ports. The problem is that the default installer (using kernel 2.6.8) will not recognize the disks because it does not work with the controller. How can you still install Debian 3.1?


Install guide for debian sarge

(A pseudo solution is to use the Debian testing installer (etch))


PATA as main (root) disk

SATA as main (root) disk (on SATA port 1 or 2) and CD/DVD-ROM on PATA port


Daniel answers: It sounds as if you got the root (/) set to the wrong/missing partition. If you're using GRUB, check to see that hd0 or whatever you're booting from is the correct disk (you can use cat in GRUB's command prompt).

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