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For starters, you will need ICH6 I2C interface support in your kernel. Use the module i2c_801 for this. Additionally, you need sensor support.

The sensor is supposed to be a w83627hf sensor, as can be seen in the win32 gui here: http://www.computerbase.de/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=25282&d=1114024410

However, if I insert this module, I see no output in the syslog. But the w83781d module works just fine, and gives you 2 temperatures, 2 fan speeds, and voltage settings. Use mbmon application to retrieve them. (In X, use gkrellm and set mbmon port to 411)

Daniel writes
A kernel with a build in w83627hf driver, i2c and isa bus works just fine with sensors and the KSensors GUI.

Peter writes: yup w83627hf works great!
Gkrellm even shows Vcor1 voltage switching between 0.98V@800MHz and 1.28V@1600MHz :-)

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