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Works nicely using linux-source-2.6.12 from Debian (use the "generate patch" mode of the install script).


There is kernel support for the Gigabit LAN from 2.6.13 onwards, so you shouldn't need to use the syskonnect patch.

Daniel writes
Which driver do you use with 2.6.13?? AFAIK only the latest netdev-tree has the sky2 driver (included in 2.6.14-rc2-mm2) , which supports the Marvell 88E8053 (Yukon 2) chip

I have to change the hardware address of the chip and this causes the kernel driver to crash, both the -mm and 2.6.13+ kernel driver. Only the syskonnect driver lets you modify and use the onboard chips to your liking : http://www.syskonnect.com/syskonnect/support/driver/htm/sk9elin.htm

Mike writes
per a note on the SATA page, 2.6.16 (or higher) is apparently the kernel we want. I read the 2.6.16-rc1 and rc2 changelog, and there are literally a *ton* of messages there about the sky2 driver. It was just added to the kernel and completely reworked until the final changelog entries seemed to be just tweaking it. I haven't built it yet to try it out, but note that whatever you're doing to get it working now should probably be changed to use the mainline driver in 2.6.16+

Chris writes
I tried the kernel and it doesn't even work with the syskonnect driver from their homepage. For me, I have to use 2.15.x.

Peter writes
I use the sky2 driver in (since and it is good :-)

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