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The AOpen i915GMm-HFS board has a onboard "Power Temperature Connector" (next to the "PWR Fan" connector)

To use this with an external temperature sensor, you'll need a thermistor with a resistance of 10K ohm @ 25C and a "B" value of 3435K which should give a resistance of ~4,16K ohm @ 50C.

If you cannot get a thermistor with the correct B value or 25C resistance, you can make a circut like this:

Rs and Rp can be calculated with the two following equations:

 1/( 1/rp + 1/(rs+r25) ) = 10000  
 1/( 1/rp + 1/(rs+r50) ) = 4160

Where r25 and r50 is the resistance @ 25C and 50C

Note however that the thermisters resistance @ 25C must be >= 10000 and @ 50 <= 4160 for this to work

More information although slightly incorrect: http://www.users.tpg.com.au/pschamb/a7v.html

Peter writes:
I use a temperature sensor from an old motherboard/athlon CPU.

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