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http://www.texteltmon.com The first i915GMm-HFS boards were supplied with a very small and insufficient cooler, but current revisions of the board comes with a new, larger and more efficient heatsink.The new cooler is supplied with the new rev.1.04 package or by contacting AOpen and allows for almost fanless operation with a CPU temp < 60C when idle.Both coolers are very rough on the bottom side which touches the CPU and some lapping will certainly increase the heat transfer.Then new cooler sometimes comes with a rubber foam frame-shaped spacer attached to the bottom side. This seems to be made for some other board and will not work with the i915GMm-HFS. You have to tear it off, otherwise there's no proper contect between the heatsink and the processor die.http://images.sudhian.com/review/motherboards/aopen/i915GMm-HFS/tuan.huynh.i915GMm.09.jpgMore information:http://www.sfftech.com/showdocs.cfm?aid=694&pid=2677;Peter writes::I have the small cooler supplied by aopen on a 1.6GHz cpu with speedstep enabled. According to gkrellm my cpu temp is about 50 degrees Celsius when idle. I have the fan set to "smart" at 60 degrees in the bios and thus it only starts above this temperature. When number crunching the temp quickly climbs to 70 degrees Celsius before the fan starts then drops to around 65 degrees Celsius.;Peter(M) writes:: My research suggest that finding another cooler for this board is difficult, but at least the HFX Borg mini passive cooler is explicitly made to fit. [PDF from HFX]
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